Master board for X-plane

The SimulConn Master board is acting as an interface between your PC and the SimulConn system (MultiBoard, Extension, LED, 7segment and Input).
The Master board is hosting the Arduino board.

Master board connections

The board is using the following connections:
– ribbon cable connection to the Extension boards (AWG28 20-way)
– 12v input (Screw Terminal Block Connector 5.08mm)

The jumpers are needed to connect the Arduino ports to the external SimulConn boards through the IDC connectors.

Multi board vs Extension board

The Master board Rev1 was developed for use with the Multi-board, and therefore the text on the right side of the jumpers are named IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4, LED, LCD1 and LCD2 as these are predefined on the Multi-board for inputs, LED, and LCD displays.
If you are connecting an Extension board (which supports a mix of Input, LED, and 7Segment boards) you can disregard these names.
When using the Extension board, connectors are mapped to the connectors IO1-IO7 on the Extension board. So when using the example picture above, the following mappings are done for I/O-board 2 in SimVim:

  • Arduino pin D09 -> Extension board IO1
  • Arduino pin D10 -> Extension board IO2
  • Arduino pin D11 -> Extension board IO3
  • Arduino pin D12 -> Extension board IO4
  • Arduino pin D13 -> Extension board IO5
  • Arduino pin D14 -> Extension board IO6
  • Arduino pin D15 -> Extension board IO7

See how Master board is connected with Extension boards and I/O boards here: SimulConn setup.

COMING SOON: Revision 2 of the Master board will support a much larger number of Extension boards.