Custom desktop pedestal panel for Boeing 737

Custom desktop pedestal panel for Boeing 737


Yet another custom project is finalized. This time making a shortcut to the giant pedestal unit in the Boeing 737-800, for my X-plane simulator.

I currently don’t have the space to build a 1:1 cockpit, so wherever I can cut some corners – space-wise – I will do it.

On the pedestal unit, the panels I use is:

  • NAV
  • VHF
  • ATC

That’s what I need. I have never used the rest of the units in the pedestal panel. Maybe I will do it one day, then I will have to improvise later 🙂

So, the modified unit I am building only contains these three panels.

On top of that, the electronics have to fit inside the case as well, making the unit a black box ready to connect to the flight simulator.
It is designed to use inbox SimulConn PCB cards, but any interface can be used.

The following parts are used in the panel:

  • 4* EC11EBB24C03 Dual Axis Encoder
  • 4* 0.36″ 7segment Common Cathode 6-digit
  • 1* 0.36″ 7segment Common Cathode 4-digit
  • 1* SR16 16mm rotary switch 8-position
  • 5* Momentary Button Switch
  • 2* 2 Pins Toggle Rocker Switch
  • 18* M3 screws
  • 14* 3D printed pieces

The following electronics are used in the case:

  • 1* SimulConn 7segment board
  • 2* SimulConn Input board

The 3D printables STL files can be downloaded from Thingiverse here: Custom Pedestal panel box – Boeing 737

The PCB boards for X-plane can be found here: Hardware for SimVimX