Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and multiple monitors

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and multiple monitors

I have been flying X-plane 11 all along and am very satisfied with that choice. But after Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has been introduced, more and more people are talking about this product as the “Flight simulator of choice”. The keywords I could not ignore were “superb graphics” and “good hardware utilization”.

So of course I had to give MSFS 2020 a test. At least just to be blown away with the graphics.

But what a disappointment, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 does not support multiple monitors natively!

Yes, I know, you can actually stretch the cockpit view over several monitors, i tested that, but that will not present a real-life view.
I have 3 ultra-wide monitors in my setup, where the sides are angled 45 degrees, giving me an actual 135 degrees front view. It is just not possible for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to show the cockpit on several angled monitors.

But I am sure Microsoft will implement that in the near future. So when they release this feature, i will test again 🙂

See here how I made it work in another simulator: X-plane 11 with multiple monitors