Extension hardware for X-plane

The SimulConn extension board is acting as an interface between your Master board (Arduino) and the IO boards (LED, 7segment and Input).
The extension board is useful if you have a lot of connections, and they are located in different physical locations of the cockpit.

Extension board connections

The board is using the following connections:
– ribbon cable connection to the Master board (AWG28 20-way)
– 7 x ribbon cable connections to the IO boards (AWG28 14-way)

The board can work with power (9-12v) in two modes:

  1. Power is taken from Master board and distributed to IO boards
  2. Power is inserted in Extension board via terminal and distributed to the IO boards

IO boards have onboard voltage regulators, maintaining the local current at 5v.

Mounting of components

The components for the EXTENSION board is as follows:

  • J1 : IDC connector 20-way
  • J2 : Single Row Male Pin Header 2.54mm
  • X1 : Terminal Block Connector 5.08mm
  • IO1 – IO7 : IDC connector 14-way
  • R1 – R16 : Optional

Resistors are optional. If you have very long cables you can insert pull-up and pull-down resistors here.