Input hardware for X-plane

The SimulConn I/O-Input board is acting as an interface between your digital inputs, like switches, and the X-plane flight simulator.

Input connections

The board is using the following connections:
– ribbon cable connection to the Extension board (AWG28 14-way)
– 16 connections to the hardware switches
– 8 connections for GND to the switches
– 8 connections for 5V (used for devices needing power, like rotary encoders)

The board is powered from the Extension board via the cable and has a voltage regulator, maintaining the incoming current at 5v.

SimVim input configuration

The hardware in the example above is fairly easy to configure. The data.cfg file looks like this:

E4.0 HSI_Sel_CRS
S4.9 AP_Flight_Dir

And in the web configurator, its done like this:

  • Click the Master board pin that the I/O Input board is connected to.
  • Click “Add Input Multiplexer”.
  • Click the switch you want to connect in X-plane.
  • Click the Input Mux you created above.
  • Click the pin number relevant to the one on the board.
  • Click “SAVE” and put the file in the SimVim folder in X-plane.

In this example, I connected the board to the Master board pin 4. Your pin number will change according to your setup.

Mounting of components

The components for the INPUT board is as follows:

  • C1 and C3 : 100nF capacitor
  • C2 : 1uF capacitor
  • R1 : 10K resistor
  • IC6 : L7805CV voltage regulator
  • IC2 : 74HC4067 (dip24)
  • X1 : 2 x Terminal block connector 2.54mm